Funding Application Guidelines

The U Statue The U Statue

Application Submission

  1. Must be a degree-seeking graduate student in good standing that has paid the Gables Graduate Activity Fee for all enrolled semesters.
  2. All applications must be submitted online via the GAFAC website. The online application can be found on the GAFAC website by clicking Submit GAFAC Application.
    • Students must upload documentation that they have sought out other sources of funding (departmental, external awards, Max and Peggy Kriloff Graduate Student Travel Scholarship - Arts & Sciences students ONLY) AND
    • Students must upload a letter or email from their department chair or faculty advisor supporting their GAFAC application.
    • Students must include an estimated budget of expenses related to your individual funding request.
  3. Each applicant will have an opportunity to make an oral presentation to the GAFAC Committee.
    • Only fully complete applications will be approved and allowed to schedule a time to present.
    • You will be notified via email on the status of your application.
    • You can upload required documentation when submitting your online application.
  4. When applying for funding for presentation of a paper, copies of the abstract (or paper) and confirmation of the acceptance from sponsoring agency are required:
    • Only one author per paper will be funded per conference when there are multiple authors.
  5. Application for funding MUST be submitted prior to the date of the scheduled event/activity.
  6. Events/Activities that take place over the summer when GAFAC is not in session will either be heard during the prior spring semester if funding permits or the following fall semester.
    • The academic year your application is heard counts as your funding for that year.
  7. First day of the event/activity must take place prior to students graduation from the University of Miami.

GAFAC Application Tip Sheet

Evaluation Criteria

  1. Merits of the applications
  2. How the application provides an immediate either direct or indirect benefit to the University community
  3. Whether the applicant has documented reasonable effort to obtain funding from other sources
  4. There are sufficient funds available
  5. Every effort will be made to notify applicant within 3-5 business days after presentation on the unofficial status of application

Guidelines Upon Receipt of Funding

  1. That you conduct a lecture or seminar (when appropriate) for graduate students on a topic of relevance to your project
  2. That you collect and make relevant materials readily available to other graduate students through your department
  3. Receipt of GAFAC Funding is recognized in paper/poster
  4. Any equipment purchased with GAFAC funds is clearly labeled “PAID FOR BY FUNDING FROM GAFAC”
  5. Receipts for reimbursement must be submitted within 30 days following the funded event/activity or notification of awarding of funding (later of the two)
  6. Funding must be use for the expressed purpose for which they are awarded or can result in loss of funding

Group Application

Students working together on a single project may apply for funding as a group. The application must include a Group Application Agreement which lists the student’s names and their role in the project.

Funding is limited to $500 per student. Students who are part of a group application forfeit their right to apply for individual funding during the academic year.

Group Application Agreement