About Us


The Graduate Activity Fee Allocation Committee (GAFAC) is responsible for the distribution of the unallocated portion of the Graduate Activity Fee. The committee is composed of fellow graduate students representing each of the Schools and Colleges (excluding RSMAS, School of Law, and Miller School of Medicine) and the Graduate Student Association.

Any current degree-seeking graduate student (excluding RSMAS, School of Law, and Miller School of Medicine) at the University of Miami who has paid the Graduate Activity Fee for all enrolled semesters, current and previous, may apply for GAFAC funding. Part-time students and doctoral students who are enrolled in dissertation credits are eligible to apply for GAFAC funding by having the Graduate Activity Fee charged to their student account. Students are eligible to receive funding up to $500, once per academic year, for approved GAFAC funded expenses.

It is important to note that receipt of GAFAC funding may impact your Financial Aid. Please contact the Office of Financial Assistance at gradprof.finaid@miami.edu for more information.